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Spring Plumbing Tips & Tricks for Colorado Residents

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As the seasons change from winter to spring, the fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns can affect your plumbing system. Especially here in Colorado, bouts of snow and rain can lead to increased wear and tear on your plumbing equipment.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways homeowners can prepare their plumbing systems to survive the season unscathed.

In this blog post, the plumbing professionals at R Buck Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical share expert tips and tricks for how Colorado families can prepare their plumbing systems for spring.

Top Five Plumbing Tips for Springtime

As you prep your plumbing system for spring, there are five key areas you should address that can help ensure your fixtures remain in top working condition:

Keep Your Windows Closed

While the weather might get warmer during the daytime, spring nights in Colorado can still be prone to freezing temperatures. Whenever the temperature falls below freezing for an extended period, it can increase the likelihood of frozen pipes.

That’s why keeping your windows and doors closed is important to prevent cold air from circulating around your pipes and fixtures.

Avoid Using the Hose

It might be tempting to break out the garden hose at the first sign of spring weather, but we caution against this. Using your hose too early can cause water to become trapped and frozen in your hose bibb, damaging your system.

Wait until the temperatures have stopped falling below freezing overnight to use your garden hose.

Clean Out Your Gutters

This might not seem like a pertinent plumbing tip, but keeping your gutters clear of debris can help prevent them from overflowing and pooling water around your foundation. Standing water around your foundation can get into your home, flooding your basement or crawl space.

Be sure to keep gutters clean and install a sump pump in the lowest point of your home to extract any water that may get in.

Remove Snow & Water

Along with gutter debris, it’s important to remove large piles of snow or ice around your foundation that can melt and lead to water infiltration. Again, be sure you have a sump pump installed that’s ready to address any water intrusion thanks to melting snow and ice.

Deep Clean Your Pipes

Lastly, schedule a professional drain and sewer pipe cleaning to eliminate any debris or stubborn blockages hidden within your system. An annual pipe inspection and cleaning can help you avoid future problems, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free spring and summer.  

Preserve Your Plumbing Safety With R Buck

If you want to prepare your plumbing system for the upcoming season, trust R Buck to deliver the comprehensive plumbing inspection you need to ensure your system remains free and clear of unwanted issues.

Voted the best of Pueblo for three years running, R Buck is committed to delivering complete satisfaction to every customer. With 24/7 plumbing repair availability and highly trained technicians ready to take your call, we’re confident we can provide the prompt, professional solutions your home deserves.

Schedule a seasonal plumbing inspection in Colorado by calling our team at 719-544-6670 today.

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