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Professional Services We Stand Behind

We Provide the Following Services: 

  • Central Air Conditioning & Evaporative Cooler Installation and Repair
  • Heating System Installation and Repair
  • Tankless Water Heater and Regular Water Heater Installation and Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality Products, Such as Humidifiers and Air Cleaners
  • Gas Piping Installation and Repair
  • Seasonal Safety Service and Premium Cleaning Agreements
  • Manual D (duct design) and Manual J (load calculations)


The heating and cooling systems of your home or place of business play a vital role in keeping you comfortable. When your air conditioning unit or heating system doesn’t perform well, you need to act immediately and call on a professional. We at R Buck service all types of light commercial and residential heating and air conditioning units and systems.

Much like your car or truck, your furnace and air conditioner require annual maintenance to help ensure their efficiency and longevity.   

We also offer a wide selection of indoor air quality products, including humidifiers and air cleaners. Controlling the amount of moisture in the air can help make your family healthier; and humidifiers can extend the life of wood floors, trim, cabinets, and furniture in your home. 

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